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Our Story

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Starting your own business is like climbing a mountain—wait, is that cliché? I'm rolling with it. You think of a great idea, you revisit the thought, and you daydream about it over and over again. Taking it from first thought to reality is both overwhelming and daunting. So for me, it was a series of starts and stops. At first, I would get really excited and motivated, and then I would get busy with my everyday life and put it away. My advice if you're in that cycle now is to

"Stop staring at mountains. Climb them instead. Yes, it's a harder process, but it will lead you to a better view."

- Unknown

Before the idea came, I had a husband, a kid, a great career, and the perfect house. So why was I feeling like something was undone, unfinished, not complete, still missing? These are the questions I was asking myself over a year ago. I tried reminding my restless head to be grateful for what I had and be present! But still, a nagging voice kept nudging me to do more. What did I need to do? I wasn't sure.

I've always been creative and even studied interior design, but I have yet to fully pursue a career in that. My job history was in marketing, product marketing, and interior decor, so I was constantly surrounded by creative people who inspired me every day. But, my job was to keep it all organized, manage the projects, assign the work, and keep it all on the rails, but not create. So, I never thought of myself as a creator too.

My instincts said I may have some unfinished business with my creative self. So one day, I sat at the breakfast bar and told my husband I wanted to start a gift box business. Is it weird that I was surprised when he agreed it was a good idea?

At my day job, my VP of Creative told the team, "We are all creatives; we walk through the world in our own unique way; no one has ever walked your path or seen what you have from your perspective." To me, it's like hiking. On the exact same trail, no two people ever had the same experience. We all see what we want, what inspires us, and what we think is beautiful.

That moment inspired me to think that I may have something unique to share. My product marketing background taught me to recognize high-quality products. My design background inspires me to curate beautifully styled gifts, and my marketing background helps me communicate them to the world.

The idea to start a gift box business and my motivation to utilize these experiences and talents grew, and I started climbing. The shift to get me from that first thought to launch was hard. Like the mountain, there were obstacles to overcome, exhaustion, and things in the way. But, every task each day got me closer to my goal.

Today, we've launched and are ready to share Mountain Made Gift Box with the world. It's the beginning, and we still have many more mountains to climb, but I know I'm exactly where I'm meant to be. So I'll take this moment to sit down, catch my breath and enjoy the view.

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